December 01, 2006

and so it begins

I'm very excited that it's Friday. You are to? We're going in to the city for the weekend.I know I've mentioned this one to many times, but that's how I am. HHmomma is really looking forward to the weekend. Which may not sound OH so exciting to you. It does to me. I'm very much look forwarding to having a date night (work party) with HHhubby. It's so easy to become disconnected from the hubby and crave that need to reconnect. I miss him. I miss us. I love our family, but I miss spending time with him.

We're starting the evening with dinner and friends at the Hotel we are staying it. Which is a huge plus because this time last year, it took an hour to get a cab at dinner time in the city. We were very late to dinner. This year we just need to make it to our hotel at 7:00. The restaurant serves primarily sushi (which I don't love) but there are some things I like. Mostly the cooked amateur eats. They do however offer, other fare.

After dinner, we plan to stop by a party before the main event and then one soiree after. Hopefully I can last the night. I like to go into the night two feet first. Not always the best date. I'm an old maid and usually in bed by 10:30. I'm lucky to make it all the way through Nip/Tuck.

Of course I'm also looking forward to having some fun in the city with the kids for the rest of the weekend. Plans are undecided. Mostly because I recently learned that FAO Schwartz is no longer in SF only New York. I was really looking forward to taking the kids there. Whoops.

Is it me or is this time of year a bit overwhelming? I know the feeling is mostly self inflicted, but it seems like the ever growing list of things to do is crazy long.

I'm hoping that we'll be able to spend some time with friends over the holidays. Some of who we haven't seen in a really long time. Some located just across the bay and others in the sweet state of GA.

We still need to get our Christmas tree so we'll do that next week.

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Blogger Dana said...

I hope you have a fun date in the city with HHHubby! That sounds like such a good time!

December 01, 2006 11:44 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

oh..oh...weekend in the them party boots on and have a blast...

December 01, 2006 12:05 PM  
Blogger She said...

Enjoy your night with hubby. It is always good to reconnect!

Ah, GA, my home I miss thee! Have fun visiting friends and family this holiday season!

December 01, 2006 1:49 PM  
Blogger Mon said...

that sucks about FAO, that would be a fun trip for sure! Hope you had a great time!

December 04, 2006 12:15 PM  

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