November 14, 2006

Bolts & Nuts we got screwed

The weekend was a lot of fun. We started off by going to dinner on Friday night with the kids.
Saturday we had our friends over(two couples)for dinner. It was great. The dinner had been a long time over due, these are two of HHHubby's closest friends. I didn't have to do a thing HHhubby made dinner and I was in charge of the appetizers.
Our friends came over with a huge magnum of champage. I had picked up raspberries that day, so it was a perfect mix.

We hung out and talked and drank. The kids were great. Through the course of the night we managed to go through six bottles of wine. My gosh. You can imagine what everyone was feeling like.

IRIE man. IRIE. We had dinner and did some dancing and all that.
One couple had planned to stay the night. The other couple had to get back to the city to care for two small dogs. We called a cab for them about 12:30. No cab.
We call another cab. One finally shows up. It is a limo-escalade and tigger from Winnie the Pooh is driving. Of course we send them off and don't think twice that this taxi guy is a little *strange*. We are about to go to bed, when we hear a knock on the door. Their back.
The Limo driver wanted $170 for the ride. Yeah, thanks I'm all set.

So we called about three additional cab companies. Not one of the cabs ever showed up. Finally around three it got cold downstairs and the couple realized they were in for the long haul.

Everyone left early the next morning. As morning came the kids were up early
and in full swing. Ready to start the day with a smile.
HHHubby was not in good shape. He was really
very sick. Usually it's me that is paying the price. This time I was smart
and drank a ton of water and a fist full of asprin. Healthy I know.

The boutique was at noonish. My friend Robyn came over and we headed to my friend Amy's. Everyone was in full swing, sipping bubbly.

I had some water.

There were a variety of items for sale, homemade soaps. jewlery, scarves,
books, and many other things. One thing that was not mentioned on the holiday flyer was this.

Guess what?

Sex toys.



I kept looking over my shoulder for my mom. There were so many. I had to go look.
Some of the items were scar-ee. Yikes. It was really fun and I felt like I was
12. But who knew the family boutique was going to be full of sex.

Everyone had most of their friends come so there was lot of shopping. None of my friends from around the way could make it, but my local buds showed up.

Now, I have to start by saying the two girls that sold jewlery are complete pros.
There goods were amazing and I purchased stuff from both of them.


Not so good.

I made two whimpy sales.
BUT they were my favorite two necklaces so that made me feel better. I learned that I need to trust my instincts and make what I like. Not what I think other people will like. I need to take a few more classes and learn the tricks of the trade. I also was turned onto a wholesale website where I can get some charms and stones that I really like.
I tried not to take the lack of sales to personally. But when I saw that these
women were starting their own businesses-I understood because they are
very talented.

SO that was the weekend. I went to bed early sunday night. HHboy tucked me in, brought me water and a stuffed bunny. He even offered to check for monsters and tickle my back! That a boy!

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Blogger Hothousemomma said...

I am commenting on my own blog.I just love the new tag words you can put in. They really make me laugh!

November 14, 2006 4:05 PM  

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