October 26, 2006

Madonna & Malawi

Did anyone catch Oprah yesterday? I hadn't planned on watching, but was glad I did.
I have seen interviews in the past with Madonna and she is always confident with a touch of attitude. This interview was completely different.

M seemed so vunerable and upset from the satellite in London.

Bascially M went on to explain that the media is manipulating what really happend in Africa. She went on to talk about how she came about finding David and what resulted in her interm adoption.

When she intially saw David she said she was immediately drawn to him. Which made her decide to find out further information. What she did find out after the pediatrician she was traveling with examined him was that he had pneumonia nad needed antibiotics.
He was then taken to a local hospital for course of antibiotics. She also stated that in his already short life time he has beat malaria and tuberculosis. After finding out the battles that the child has already had in such a short time, she was also informed that no relatives had ever come to see David during the time he was at the orphanage.

Oprah asked what the hardest part about the media frenzy is. M said that anyone that is considering adoption in Malawi may not now, because of the media.

Part of the Malawi tradition when adopting a child is to have permission from a living relative. If the parents are deceased then a distant cousin would do. M found out that David's father was still living. They were to meet in court for both a oral and written persmission. Madonna said through a translator they spoke and that David's father said that had he taken David to his village and not put him in the orphanage he would be buried already. The father looked into Madonna's eyes and thanked her for giving his child a chance at life.

She also said that is anyone went over to Africa and saw what she did, you would want to adopt a child and give them a chance at life.

I could go on and on about every little detail but the bottom line is in serveral parts on the interview Madonna was chocking back tears. Anyone that is a parent knows that adopting a child in not taken into lightely and that her heart is in the right place.

As much as the media/press make fun of Angelina Jolie and all these other Hollywood type who are adopting in third world countries, I praise these women. There was a part of me that felt like we should all be doing more to make sure these children have more then one pair of pants to wear or can get medicine if they need it. Here in the states parents are worrying about if their children receiving flu shots.

I was very touched by the interview and felt like I received a mini education on the living conditions in Africa.

Do you think the media is distorting the situation ? Or do you think the father misunderstood that his child was going to the states?


Blogger Sis said...

Right On Hot House Momma...I totally agree with you and think what madonna did was a wonderful thing to give this little boy a chance at a great life as opposed to what he has so far faced. I'm really sick of the media and how they make everything into a scandal i think that it is all way out of hand..I would NEVER want to be a celebrity just because of the stalkerazzi (sorry about the spelling)ng's sis

October 26, 2006 4:07 PM  
Blogger Mon said...

Madonna is awesome. Most of what 'the world sees' of her is an act, she has said that in many interviews. She does have a heart.

Oprah goes to africa a lot and does wonderful things. She's building a school now, for girls. She's opened up my eyes to the world over there, I had no idea how bad it really was. Women are raped constantly, its an epidemic, and then forced to have all these kids, that they cant care for. They have Aids, the babies have aids. They have no respect for women at all. It's sick.

October 27, 2006 6:07 AM  
Blogger Hothousemomma said...

I'm glad you both agree, no matter what there is a good intention there. No one would take on a child they didnt know they would have to care for.

November 01, 2006 7:34 PM  

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