December 13, 2006

someone stop me

1) I can't stop shopping for Christmas gifts
2) HHgirl was enjoying herself this morning quietly unwrapping the few gifts that I have wrapped and lovingly smashed under the leaning tree. Which is fine, great, no problem because as you know there are still 12 days until Christmas.
3) Help.
4) We were lucky enough to get a nice box of handmade chocolates in the mail today. I avoided the box until after I got back from the gym. I pick a cute one with white chocolate on top and tiny perfect little black polka dots. Mmm can't wait to bite into this nibble of yum. No. Not exactly the taste I was expecting. The taste resembled something more like one of these.

Really I swear it did. I'm going to go play Russian roulette with my life and bite into another. Because I'm ballsy like that. I also think it will be worth the risk.

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