July 12, 2006

I love me a fireman

This weekend HHFamily was cruising in the car going to breakfast. Breakfast is always fun because hey, when do you ever go out to breakfast. How easily amused am I? Breakfast out is usually not an option, certaimly not when you have kids.

We pull up to the main intersection in out town, and spank my ass and call me whatever you like. There are very,very cute fireman on every corner. In their turnouts. Uhm, yum.

Just so happens that HHboy would like to be a fireman when he grows up. So he is just about to jump out of his car seat. It seems they are collecting money for Jerry's kids.

HHhubby suggests that we turn around and get out of the car and let HHBoy give money to the fireman. Fabulous idea. Because 1) How sweet to think of our little guy 2) how sweet to get my day started with eye candy

Anyway the fireman were so sweet they came over and took time to talk to HHboy and gave him a sticker. He was barely hitting the ground with his foots steps. I guess it is a firemans nature to be good with kids, but I was so impressed.

Very sweet. Is it just me or do all us women like fireman? and damn is it a requirement for fireman to be good looking or have a mustache to be hired.


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