July 07, 2006

Pillage and pee

Thank you to everyone that commented yesterday. You words helped me and I now know this is 100 percent the right thing to do.

Yesterday our house cleaner stopped by unannounced. She walked in as I was bathing HHboy. We also had some friends over. So I pulled her aside and we went into another room for privacy. I have to admit it was really awkward. She has always been very pleasant and likeable. Times when I have left her tips during the holidays she would make a special call just to thank me and you could hear the enthusiasm in her voice. We were standing in the room talking and she started to hand me a bag. Instead I had her hold the bag open and I looked in the bag and moved things around like I was looking for seashells in the sand. In the bag were the following items:
empty photo album
ear buds (these are old cell phone buds)

She tells me she is really sorry and has no idea how this could happen. Also that she had spent her day bending the girls ears to find out why this happened. I explain that while throwing the bag of items away could be an honest accident. What confused me was why the girls were going through our garbage. Now, I know I wrote that I figured my mini ipod was in this bag. I am not entirely sure that it was. As of today I have not located it, but we just aren't sure that is was in the bag.

I told our housecleaner to let the girls keep the items. I figure they might as well keep the items. If it was worth losing me as a client or maybe their jobs. Enjoy those crayons. Basically I have decided we won't be using her anymore, but I have no bits and didn't tell her this. Not yet.

Some friends gave me referrals today. I feel violated in some sense. This is probably a strong word to use for this situation, but still feeling weird about it all. Why am I so torn about this? I know that they should be on their way out but just feel like why would they risk their job for the crap that was listed above.

Anyway this has taught me a lesson about trusting people in our home. I always hope to believe that everyone is on the same team. Guess this is an example of each player watching out for themselves.

On a positive note, HHBoy is 99.9 percent potty trained. Can we get a "HELL YEAH"? I know I am very urban. We sort of farted around with getting him out of the diapers, but now he is sporting the Superman tighty whiteys. Very cute.

HHGirl is about to take her first step . I think all that hair is holding her down. Either that or she is already empathic and doesn't want to show HHboy up by walking before him.

Anyway off to enjoy some sun. Until Monday!

A beaming Hot House Mommma

ps if you haven't already, go visit my roomie.


Blogger Dolores said...

while it's understandable that you question why they would jeopardize their job by doing that; bottom line is they have violated your trust.........sadly they made the choice to be terminated themselves.
Hope you find someone good!

July 07, 2006 11:52 PM  
Blogger Dolores said...

Yeahhh, for potty training!!!

July 07, 2006 11:53 PM  
Blogger auntjeri said...

Hell yeah! Bring on the tighty whities.....I think they should make mini boxer briefs for the little ones......

Is it time for the secret camera stuffed in the teddy bear to keep the housecleaners honest???

July 08, 2006 4:53 PM  

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