July 06, 2006

Men at work

Prior to my latest career as an snuggler, booty wiper, snot rag, hug giver,boo boo kisser, referee, driver, teacher, trampoline and loving at home mommy. I worked in a law office. Anyone that has worked in a law office knows they don't give much when it comes to bonus time. It was the last Christmas that I worked at the office. One of my coworkers who is also a mother of two, was always struggling with the best way to manage her time when she was at home at night with the kids. There is dinner time, homework time ,bath time, cleaning time. No matter how she tried to balance her life she was always stressing about one thing or another. Her boss decided that she spent to much time worrying about things that were out of her control.(I want a boss like this) He increased her paycheck and said, "hire a house cleaner." He told her it was the best investment him and his own wife had ever made. There are no issues about who does the cleaning. The cleaning is done. Now they have time to argue about other stuff. Well he didn't say that. I just felt like adding it to the story.

So about 10 months ago HHfamily decided to hire a house cleaner. The above story was my pitch to HHubby. It worked. Although, I think he was sold way before based soley on the idea- that he would not have to listen to me complain about something being dirty or messy. The cleaners, as I refer to as "the girls" have done a great job. Everyone once in awhile they miss something. The fact remains that I come home to a clean house. How can I complain about a little cobweb here or there.

Until now. Which brings me to the present day issue.

July 4th the girls were scheduled to come clean. We were not going to be home so as we have in the past, we left the key in a secret location.

We came home and everything looked great.

The next day was garbage pick up. Usually nothing to be concerned about.

When I wake up the next morning, after being gone the previous day until 11pm. Scooting around the kitchen trying to get back into the swing of things. I notice that the bag of let's just say "items" was missing from the counter top in the kitchen. A bag I placed on the counter before my trip.

This is interesting.

Let me just tell you about "the bag." Prior to my vacation I decided I was going to clean out two drawers in the kitchen. (we'll deal with the organization neurosis later). I never was able to complete the above task, so I quickly crammed all the items in a Safeway bag. Knowing full well, that HHhubby would never even notice the bag on the counter. The bag would be left in peace and unharmed until my return.

Apparently our housecleaner, thinks my treasures are someone else's garbage. "The bag" of items was thrown in the GARBAGE!


Can you say FUCK?

Up until about 20 minutes ago we thought our taxes were in this bag.(we have an extension) Now we know that the taxes are in our possession.

We do think my new mini ipod with arm band is now laying in some land fill. Not to mention the nameless pictures and mail and other items. Thoughts are spinning through my head. Just think if you dumped out your junk drawer in the garbage. Would you miss anything?

Let's hope that a) no one steals our identity from all the mail 2) my hope is that this never happens to anyone else 3)is this really happening. 4) I shouldn't eat where I shit, well that doesn't really fit, but maybe I should clean my own house.


Tonight I call our housecleaner. She isn't sure what happened with the bag because she was upstairs cleaning.

She is going to call the other girls.

Housecleaner calls me back.

This is what she tells me:

The girls have SOME of the stuff.(did she really say they have some of the stuff?) None of our papers because they threw those away. They were SURE the items were garbage. THEY WERE SURE IT WAS GARBAGE!!!

SO besides the fact that all our shit was thrown away, now I have to deal with the fact that they are digging through my stuff.

Please, please tell me.... Is our cleaner on her way out? Is this an honest mistake?
What to do?


Blogger The G Family said...

Yikes, the fact that they threw the bag out but still have "some of the stuff" concerns me. I mean did they dig through the bag and say Ohhhh,IPOD I want that and then throw all the stuff they didn't want away? That is some questionable activity in my book. I think I might understand if they mistakenly threw the bag out but the fact that they kept some of the stuff makes me wonder if they really thought the bag was garbage to begin with. Seems suspicious to me. Might have to find another cleaner.

July 06, 2006 10:51 PM  
Blogger kyrie said...

I am pretty sure you gotta toss those girls out and find new ones. if they honestly thought it was garbage, why would they keep some of it?! Give 'em the boot!

July 07, 2006 8:28 AM  
Blogger Dolores said...

The fact they went thru the things..and "kept" some stuff.....enough to let them go.
They should have left the bag.

July 07, 2006 9:35 AM  
Blogger Sis said...

The G's family sis says those girls gotta go....They can't be trusted end of story....

July 07, 2006 10:24 AM  
Blogger hotdrwife said...

I gotta say they gotta go. I had to fire some cleaner's a couple of years ago for something a little shady, too.

I'm sorry!!

July 07, 2006 2:22 PM  
Blogger Brooke & Brandi said...

Be sure to find a new secret hiding spot for your key when the next "girls" are hired!!!! I guess the old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure sure fit the shoe that day! We've had the same gal for over two years and never had anything like this happen, perhaps b/c she is the only one to blame hee. Too many hands in the cookie jar with "girls" maybe find a solo act?? Darn! I am sorry, what a bummer.

July 07, 2006 4:45 PM  
Blogger auntjeri said...

They gotta go....I mean, please, no one tosses away a mini IPOD...WTF!!!!

July 07, 2006 7:13 PM  
Blogger bethrat said...

if they went through the bag - they knew it wasn't garbage- they gotta go. But don't fire them until you get your stuff back. They broke the trust. If they weren't sure they would have put the bag on a chair in the dining room to clean the counter.

As a housekeeper disciple, I do the following to give myself piece of mind for the housekeeper -

I negotiate the best possible price for cleaning - I mean painfully low and then I leave a check for the cleaning fee and a $20+ cash tip each week. The "girls" on site only think of the cash and don't want the gig to end.

And yes - this happens to everyone with a housekeeper. Countless wedding invitations thrown away, because apparently anything on the counter is trash. Remind HHH that this is why we "pick up" before the "girls" come. They clean - we pick up.

The other issue to watch out for is the "rough" cleaner. We've had windows broken, shutters broken, cracked tiles, etc. .

July 14, 2006 3:05 PM  

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