July 06, 2006

top ten from Cabo

The trip was so much fun. We stayed at one of the best hotels in Cabo. The property was beautiful. The view was breathtaking. Alas, the service was the equivalent of trying to renew your license at the DMV. Very surprising for Mexico.

We got to much sun, drank to much, spent to much, laughed to much, were in the pool to much, and ate to much.

It was perfect.

1)Priceless- Sitting on plane, partner in crime orders two beers, one for each of us, flight attendant has no change, partner in crime to attendant "keep the $20" "brings us two more beers in 20 minutes"

2) 12 year old boy sitting next to us, takes off headphones, to announce that "isn't it a little early to be hitting the alcohol."

3) Man in cowboy hat and blue shorts swims up to bar. Wearing Teva sandals. Note, we are in a *swim up bar* Shoes not required

4) Because I am tan all locals speak to me in Spanish. I do not understand.

5) More silicon per square inch of our pool then in one mile of LA.

6) Hamburgers in Mexico are the equilvant of a flat hot dog

7) No need to work out while on vacation, holding ones beer/margarita above water in order not to mix beverage with pool water, will give you a full upper arm workout.

8) Going to bed with wet hair, gives one the mullet that she never knew she had by morning.

9) Jet skiing with a target cowboy hat is not a good idea. It will never be the same once it's wet.

10) Sure it's cool to be a grown man and swim laps in the pool with a mask and flippers on. Sure it is.

There is nothing like home. Then again there is nothing like Cabo.


Blogger Nadiah Alwi said...

Welcome home!

It's always nice to go back home yet a short term of getaway would be great.

Don't know when I get the opportunity to get out of my routine.


July 06, 2006 12:35 AM  
Blogger kyrie said...

oh my!! haha, sounds like you had a blast! I cant wait to go on trips like that with my girrrrls. I am glad you had a great time, you deserve it!

July 06, 2006 7:58 AM  
Blogger TLC said...

I am jealous, Becca. Sounds wonderful.

You are my Rent My Blog pick this week...just so's ya know.

Send Chocolate

July 06, 2006 12:53 PM  

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