May 29, 2006

Help this cigarette, It's ass is on fire...

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yes, I am sleeping on the job a little. Usually I take the weekends off, even if this is a Monday. Holiday, people.

Anyway, technically I am not really getting paid for this job. Ah, but yes, you are right- it is rewarding enough on it's own. Right. Exactly.

Hence the funnies and shout-OUTS. Yep suree, I said shout-outs. Do you remember love lines? Where you would call in and make a love dedication? Yeah, me neither. Maybe like my parents listen to that. I am way to young to remember that radio show.

Once my brain is back from the weekend, I will tell you all about our first getaway with my friend and her family . (HHFamily went up North to Stinson Beach)

It was great. You must go. Right now, I am trying to get the sand out of the weird places it's made it's grainy way to. Same with my kids. Not the weird places that my kids have made their way to, but you know- where the sand is hiding on them.

Sand is strange.


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