May 26, 2006

body by marshmallow

We're off to the beach for the weekend. Don't miss me to much. Really don't be sad "I'll be back." Nope, I didnt even say that in my arnie shwart voice.

If you read below, you know our new dryer took a dive on us. So now we have no dryer. Perfect before a holiday weekend. I spent my time at the laundry mat last night ( why is it called a laundry -mat) I don't get the mat part. Anyway so I haven't spent time at the laundry mat since college. This was fun. Mmmm hemmmm.

The man that was on duty there-had me freak scared. That some random person would come in and steal all my kids clothes. Not that I have a lot of kids; just two, but most of their clothes were in this load in the dryer. How sad to end up with one sock or no clothes for the kiddies. Do people go to the laundry mat to shop now?

Anyway, then I had to come home and wash my clothes read: panties because otherwise I was going to be wearing HHHubby's boxers all weekend. Which would be fine, except my husband has an abnormally small waist. I say that it is abnormally small because currently mine is abnormally big. I prefer to wear my panties.

SO right now we are running around the house trying to find stuff and get the car packed.

read:HHHubby and HHBoy are out cruising and getting donuts. Probably stopped to look at cars or something random. I am here slaving a way and packing. Well you know blogging first. When I hear the car pull up, I will start running around in a mad panic.
HHGirl is rolling around on the floor trying to crawl, and I think calling me names because I am blogging.

Oh yeah, and last night I had to go to the grocery store. I don't normally shop at this particular store. Why does each store have to have a different layout? Why can't it all be uniform? Anyway, so I can't find a damn thing. Who knows what we have packed for the weekend.

Remember there are no stores there.

The checker tells me they don't sell marshmallows until July. What? Uhm, we are trying to make smores? You don't sell marshmallows until July? This is new.

Just the same, can't wait to be away for the weekend. Don't care if the weather is going to be in the low 60's. Besides then I have an excuse to stay bundled up in my favorite sweats.

Will write more Tuesday.


Blogger bethrat said...

my favorite laundry mat story from college is the beer can that went flying across the laundr-o-mat when I took my freshly laundered sheets from the dryer and gave them a good shake- a coors lite can launched and landed near some frat boys. I got a round of applause from the Sig Eps and my sheets smelled like mountain spring goodness! AHHHHHH

June 03, 2006 1:30 AM  

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