May 23, 2006

smoke signals

what is it about going away for the weekend/vacation, what have you- that we think stores do not exist, once we travel to this location. Once you arrive to your destination-there is no civilization, right . You have to hunt and fish for your food. Wipe your ars with a leaf. We are primitive. These types of places are where most people go on holiday with their kids. Hotspots.

You start packing for the big earthquake. 3 gallons of water for each person. Check. Canned goods. Check. Must pack rain boots just in case we have torrential down pours at the beach. Mudslides. They definitely don't sell diapers there, bring the costco box.

No matter how much it makes me laugh to think about this. Because yes, everytime we go away I do the same thing. I still have enough packed for a week. I am laughing right now as I type. Come on I know you do it, too!

Vacation is fun.


Blogger bethrat said...

my suit case from my trip to sacramento is still in the floor of the bedroom partially unpacked. Packing is a chore but unpacking is a nightmare - I hate it

June 03, 2006 1:45 AM  

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