January 02, 2007

day 2

We survived NYE. Probably because we didn't venture out in to the world of chaos. We stayed in and had some friends over for dinner and drinks. It was a bunch of fun and nice and low key.

So how many New Year resolutions do you have? If you make them. Typically I tend not to commit to any reso's, this year I have a lengthy mental list, of simple things that I would like to improve about myself and my life. I will spare you the details of my self deprecating list. Though one will affect the people that read here.

For the most part I have decided to move on to a new view. After talk with family and friends, of the ones that gave me input they suggested that I post once a week and see how that goes. So this is what I intend to do. I hope you will stop by and visit and I still plan to visit you.

With the support of many I have decided to market the jewelry I have been making. Over the past month I have been working on the site and as soon as I have it up and running, I will be sure to share.

Last Year I started a construction defect website, that requires attention. Attention from me. Along with the long list of other things. HHubby and I together have decided to work some time into this teeny tiny venture, so I will be working on the website as well.

I hope you will still stop by. Come see me at Fluff and let's see where 2007 takes us.

Are you making your dreams come true?


Blogger The G Family said...

well once a week is better then nothing, I'm still gonna miss you though..Good thing we have a relationship beyond the blog. Haaa..Best of luck with all your new endeavers.

January 02, 2007 8:13 PM  

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