October 02, 2006

moons over my hammy

"my own moon"

I love this blog title.I should be bitch slapped, though. I 've been very rude. These past few days , acting like "it's all about me" and off on vacation. No intro for the new roomie until now.

For starters she is living in Sweden. We love all things Swedish. They have the best children's clothes and toys, chocolate. One of my close friends, married a swede (not the vegetable).

Here is what Star has to say:

I'm StarChild (Star for short). I'm an alien in a strange land, namely Sweden, where I live as a girl from New Jersey dealing with the fact that I will never find good pizza here. I am a Swedish citizen though (naturalized and dual). Doesn't stop me from feeling like an outsider. But really, I'm happy here. I'm 25, I have a job where I torture teenagers (er..teach) in the field of web design, a husband who does anything and everything to make sure I'm happy, and the best friends I've ever had in my life. Lattes and apple martinis are my poisons of choice. Designing, illustrating, chatting, going out, and hanging with my schmoopie are how I best spend my time.

k. Are you interested in more now? Go visit so I don't have to bitch slap myself.


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