July 24, 2006

bliss, _iss & tires

This weekend we (read: minus kids) have a wedding to attend. The festivities will be in lovely Sausalito. There is nothing like being by the water. Any body of water. I love this area it is so pretty and serene. It will be such a good time. As the list of eligible bachelors shorten, so comes the weddings. The groom happens to be a very good friend of HHhubbys. Who by the way, didn't get off to a very good start with MOI. The first night we met (I was out on round two of first dates) with HHHubby. HHH and I started the evening with a Giants game and then met up with his friends in North Beach. ( by the way HHHubby had to tell me I had a bat in the cave-at the game) How is that for embarrassing? Yeah, not sure if it was better that he told me( i had boogies in my nose like a 5 year old or that he just let me find *it* for myself.) Anyway we carried on to Savoy after the Giants game. Savoy is a great bar in North Beach that has open windows out on to the street. So you can see everyone walking by. Funny how there are certain occasions where you can remember almost every last detail. Others not so much.

Maybe I had a few drinks, but it couldn't have been more then 4, 3 or 5. Neither here nor there. To this day neither me or the groom can remember what exactly happened but the direction it ended up in was that the groom called me *butch*. Groom dude called ME *butch* and did not even have the courtesy to say so with affection. My reaction was not lady like. He may have been confused Becca or Butch. Both start with *B*. In the end HHHUbby had to yank me out of the bar ,seemingly by my arm or purse strings. He promplty hailed us a cab with sheer delight. Because a) he really wanted his friends to meet the classy babe he was thinking about continuing to date b) let's face it there is nothing classier then a chick (that doesn't entirely have her faculties about her) - though I am sure I could have hopped backwards and recited the alphabet back backwards at the same time) starting a fight with a man she is casually dating or soon to be not dating- really close friend. Anyway butch or not, I was cute.

Since the night in question me and grrom have kissed and made up, but we love to laugh about this night.

Weddings are always so much fun. You can always count on someone getting really drunk and being a fool. Usually it's me, but I save that sort of unnecessary behavior for my own wedding day.

The couple that are getting married are so cute. Beautiful people. Apparently this is their wedding topper.

(just in case someone is reading here that will be attending the wedding: I might have made this up but this is better then a Precious Moments cake topper). Anyway the Groom is totally not taking any shit from her. Nope.

I need to go over to this girly place
and pick up a strapless bra. I would just use the *hollywood tape* but apparently I am excluded. Why are straplesss bras such a pain in the ars? Here is a photo of me

(in just my everyday) I guess from looking at the photo you can see why it's such a task. Side note: I am drinking water.

Here are some highlights from the weekend!

* solo man walking on the freeway using a tire as a hula hoop

* HHfamily eating breakfast in an establishment that didn't have their a/c working on the hottest day of the year. Good start to the day. Then again so is orange juice.

* Two kids pee on carpet at different times. One has an excuse she is 10 months

* One of the people that writes on this blog, grew a third eye, just in time for a party this weekend

* HHFamily receiving a courteous *middle finger* (and no we weren't no. one) from a loving trucker for not letting him go one mile faster in our lane then behind the truck he was tailing

* Throwing a surprise party and actually seeing the reaction of pure shock and happiness

* If anyone is out there lurking in blog land. Comments are always welcome. They make me feel good and then that should make you feel good!


Blogger The G Family said...

Wish we could have been part of the weekend highlights, oh well, next time.
Love the pic of you drinking water.Something looks different about you but I can't figure out what it is, Hmmmm????

July 24, 2006 9:35 PM  
Blogger Elleoz said...

I'll leave you a comment, cause I want you to feel good :)

Have fun at the wedding.

July 25, 2006 7:26 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

I wanted to give you a warm welcome to Jaded Sunburns! I look forward to spending this week getting to know you and exploring your pad around here while you hang out at mine! :-)

I love your tagline! I hope your stay at Sunburns will be a good one! I'll get your welcome graphic and post up tomorrow!

July 25, 2006 7:27 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

I love that you went to a Giant's game. I really want to see San Francisco one day.

July 25, 2006 5:24 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Jade made me come here. Seriously. I do whatever that woman tells me cause between you and me, she's a little scary sometimes! :)

July 25, 2006 8:20 PM  

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