July 24, 2006

momma said knock me out

HHfamily came home from a lovely dinner at a local eatery,Tarboosh. This particular Lebanese restaurant had baba ganoush on the menu. Why did this immediately make me think of Wedding Crashers? Anyway dinner was good. There were two men sitting outside indulging in a hooka. The word is that puffin at the old hubble bubble is considered art. It is also seen as something that both men and woman can partake in. Based on the history of the hooka we were thinking it would be a great family event. Nice family night out. HHHubby and the kids and I smoking a hooka. Maybe HHboy could take it to school for show and tell. Parenting at it's finest.

Once we got home I take a seat at the computer. HHHubby is putting out the garbage. (Good job hubby)

Hhboy is running in circles dancing to some song on that rockstar show. CRUSH IT CRUSH IT

HHmommy is on computer playing battle of the blogs. Thoroughly engulfed in voting.

Where is HHgirl?

Must slowly get off ass made by mint milano.

I look up the stairs. The bathroom light is shining just so. It was like the scene from poltergiest "Carol Ann?" "Can you hear me?"

Hhgirl is sitting AT THE TOP of the stairs. Smiling and clapping her hands. Weeeeee.

Can I walk upstairs any faster? There is a possibility I actually skipped 3 steps going on up.

Then I gingerly walk back down and act like *it* never happened.

Fuck no.

She crawled up the stairs with out hesitation. Did I mention she is barely walking?



Blogger kyrie said...

haha. smoking hooka can be a family thing now. "hey kids. lets not go on a picnic, but lets go smoke some cherry flavored hooka!"
And that is crazy about little miss thang. I am sure Cole will teach her little tricks too. oh, i have a feeling they are going to be a trickster team.

July 24, 2006 11:18 AM  
Blogger Dolores said...

clapping; oh boy, she was proud of herself crawling the stairs.........look out, there's no stopping her now!!

July 25, 2006 8:38 AM  

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