July 21, 2006

a deux

You have to check out these blogs. If you are looking for a good laugh to get you through the day. I love finding new blogs through friends. Problem is , then you have to make time to read them. More like you want to make time to read them for various reasons. Mostly, because some of the shit they write is freaking funny. You'll be glad it is happening to them and not you. Go on over and check these two blogs out.


Singles banter by a man and a woman baffled by the opposite sex. Wombat is a conservative chap from Sydney in search of a right-wing woman with verve and good grammar. Midwest is a left-leaning, foxy urbanite seeking an easy-going bloke with a penchant for monogamy. Together they find humor, and sometimes a bit of insight, in the delight and absurdity of dating and mating.

I have a girl, Virginia, who is six and a boy, Devon, who is thirteen. I'm married to Chris. This is not a mommy blog. My kids aren't perfect & I cuss a lot. I think that disqualifies me from the mommy blog club


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