July 23, 2006

Guest Post, compliments of Noi

Check out my new renter voicing my thoughts.

Noi comes all the way from Singapore. Below is her guest post- go on over and check out her blog.

Why blogging is fantastic!

Hi everyone reading this. I am so honoured to be writing here. Hot House Momma is a fantastic blog and I am more than willing to guest post here when invited. I would have sent this entry in sooner if I had not fell down and sprained my ankle. The whole story is on my blog.
just do the clicking.

I started blogging in 2004. Before that, I heard all the hype about blogging in the newspapers. I did not quite like the idea of writing your thoughts and feelings online for the world to read. Who is going to be reading anyway? It is not like I am some big star that everyone wants to know about. I also did not like the idea of washing my dirty laundry in public.

It all started in October 2004. I attended a seminar in Kuala Lumpur and I was so fired up and excited about what I learned there that I just wanted to share with everyone! That was when I started blogging. I opened up an account at xanga and that is when it all began.

Guess what? My whole entry for the whole trip was so long! After talking to some of my business associates, I asked them to check my website for to read about what I went through. Most of them came back to me saying that they enjoyed reading what I wrote and it helps them stay motivated by my words in some ways. It was a huge compliment for me! English has always been my favourite subject in school but I did not realize that I enjoy writing so much. I started writing there, it was not too active at first, I will write in maybe twice a week. My blog consist of my positive thoughts that I choose to write down. I seldom write about negative things happening unless, I really really need to vent, thankfully that does not come too often.

Since then, I have not stopped. My blog is open to all to read. Actually Noi is not my real name at all but some of my online friends have become my real life friends as well and that name just got stucked to me. I do not mind people calling me Noi really, there is a sense of closeness when someone calls me that.

Why I enjoy blogging so much now is because sometimes, I just want to read my thoughts before saying it. Writing helps me clear my mind and I usually see things better when I write. Also, its good to see memories and thoughts being recorded and when I go back to my archives and read, I can remember why I wrote what I wrote at that point of time. At the same time, I see how my thoughts have evolved, how I grew and how I can learn from my mistakes to make the future even better than it is going to be.

The best part is knowing so many other bloggers from around the world! It is sometimes weird how we can all be from different backgrounds, culture, race and religion but we can still relate to each other in certain aspects of life. Sometimes I feel my blogging friends know me better than my other real friends as they are always reading my thoughts. They see a side of me that my real friends are not able to see sometimes. Blogging friends do not judge me and always give me encouragement when I need one. Sometimes they make me laugh and I really appreciate the time they spend reading my blog and then commenting there. I believe each and every presence should be felt so feel free to leave a word or two.

I would like to thank Hot House Momma for this opportunity. She is definitely one of the fantastic bloggers I would never have met if not through blogging.


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