February 27, 2006

chico haze

my senior year in college, my neighbor(who happened to be a cute baseball player- I thought it was worth mentioning, though it has nothing to do with the story) started a book titled "I believe". In this book, everyone wrote their deepest thoughts and beliefs. This usually took place late night. After all the bars were closed and we had finally made our way back home. Most of the time running into a few straggler neighbors on the way home. Who somehow got "misplaced" from their friends. Although we know it was no accident that they were left behind. The "water" mark down their leg or the black sharpie mustache, usually told us all we needed to know. Thus making our way to pay a visit to the latest guys we were dating - knowing there is nothing that they would want more then a visit from "what's her name" and her friends at 2 am, sloppy drunk and hungry. It always seems like a good idea at the time.

Why were we always hungry? I guess they don't call it the freshman 15 for nothing(did I mention this was my senior year). Mongo hungry-must stop by Frankies and get slice of pizza the size of the Great Pyramid of Giga. Digressed a little there, but anyway once we made it back to our place. We would stop by and be really deep and write something in his little book. The book mind you was a mead tablet. Some of these moments were induced by Texas Teas( a $2 drink the size of a small bucket) from Panamas or buck night(anything you want) at Rileys. Anyway, when you're in college you think that your thoughts are deeper then any one person outside of college or this earth for that matter. Like you must be the next Confucius.

Anyway, I can't remember all the things that were written, but please know that if the book was put into the right hands. Someone would be famous.

Here are three:

1* I believe in the thought of life after death, it gives us all peace
2* I believe in karma
3* I believe in the healing power of the human touch.


Blogger Dolores said...

please tell me you didn't sign your name in this book!!! hahaha

February 27, 2006 8:24 AM  
Blogger auntjeri said...

ahh, you are very deep grasshopper...I believe the quentessential question of our twenties is...."got anything to eat"? at 2 am of course.

February 27, 2006 10:01 AM  

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