February 16, 2006

she said with rose colored cheeks

So I am working with a graphic designer on a few blog/websites. We have been swapping emails about ideas etc. She informs me she will be out of town. "try and make some decisions for the blog designs."
Read: stop sending me your brainstorming emails. Make up your mind.
Basically we are in the non-jealousy phase of our relationship, honeymooning if you will.

I send her a few emails(in my defense-b/c I need one) over the course of a few days.
No response
A few more days go by
Hmm she always responds right back(like in minutes)
Maybe, I sent her an email that I meant to send someone else
Not sure what it could say
Maybe my email is only sending email to all of my other friends
Somehow my emails aren't getting to her
Just her, her only
(come on now, you have thought this before)
Like when you keep checking your phone for a message, or checking to see if there is a dial tone b/c joe blow hasn't called

Well it isn't like I am slipping into a psychotic "fatal attraction" state of mind. Not quite a " I'm going to cook your bunny if she doesn't have one(bunny)-must make voodoo doll) moment. I was just calmly thinking to myself "self"
she usually gets back to me- right quick
like I am someone very important(which clearly I am)
hmm did I offend?
did one break some unknown designer un-written law?
don't mind me
moments of insecurity lately
must be that baby weight I keep meaning to shed OR
the valentines M&MS of my sons that I snuck, and when he questioned me while I was crinkling the bag I responded with my mouth full " no imm ntt eattg anmmyting"

Shish, it's not like I took money from his piggy bank. ahhmm wait I did that last week. I NEEDED a cup of coffee. The drive thru only takes cash. D-o-n-t judge ME

Anyway she emailed me back. We're back together now. She has"other" important people in her life. Imagine that :-)
Karen u R-Ooo-CK


Blogger auntjeri said...

this is hilarious....LOL funny....and well, we've all snuck m&m's believe me...xoxox

February 17, 2006 10:52 AM  
Blogger Hothousemomma said...

anything for chocolate.

February 22, 2006 3:51 PM  

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