September 12, 2006

life list

Do you have a life list? A list of desires that yet attainable, seem so unlikely to happen. Would you like to make these dreams happen in your lifetime? Each day we are living our life, it's so easy to put something off until the next day or month. Then another year goes by and we still haven't taken that trip or read that book. It seems so uncharacteristically sad that there are so many things to do and see and we hardly chip away at this list of life doings.

We spend so much of our life, just making it through our days. Going out looking to meet the right person, getting to the right point in our life, raising or kids, buying a house, just day to day living. All these are noble achievements, we just sometimes get washed up in the routine of life. I know I do. We just seem to put some of our lifetime dreams in a little journal or tucked somewhere tight in our minds. For that right time.

I have a list in my head, but not one that I have methodically written down.
My list is ever growing. It's important to try and live out some of these things before we let it go to long. I think variation in our lives, makes us better people and allows us to share our experiences with others.

In no specific order here are some of mine:

Take a road trip from coast to coast
See the Grand Canyon
Open a boutique
Meet a President
Sit on Myrtle Beach with my hubby and kids eating funnel cakes
Volunteer more
Learn to play the piano
Fly First Class
Attend a Julliard performance
Raise my children and encourage them both to have big dreams
Give someone else a chance I missed or never had
Swim with the dolphins
Stand under the Mirror Bean Sculpture in Chicago
Horseback ride on the beach -naked of course(I love the horse races- afraid of horses)
Attend the Kentucky Derby-play the part
Travel through Europe with my family
Be a mentor
Enjoy Carnival in Rio
Grow old with my friends and family
Catch a ball at a Giants game
Sunbath topless at the French Riviera
Attend a Superbowl
Teach my children all that I can about the world

What's on your list? Will you make an effort to make these dreams come true?


Blogger Kailani said...

I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. I want my daughter to start taking lessons next year. Maybe I should learn with her.

The Pink Diary

September 11, 2006 1:09 PM  
Blogger TC said...

Cool list. I don't know that I have a list. I would like to settle down in one place and feel like it is home. I would like to give Little Princess a stable childhood.

September 12, 2006 4:46 AM  
Blogger Mon said...

Your list is way cooler than mine! The most important on mine is a trip to Australia. And buying a house.

September 12, 2006 6:20 AM  
Blogger She said...

I don't really have a list. Haven't really thought of making one actually. Let's see what do I want to accomplish...

make hubby understand the concept of money and how you don't just go and blow all of one's paycheck on useless crap.
travel to taiwan where my best friend was born
watch my son grow first hand
buy a house close to home, not out here in the middle of nowhere.
be married to hubby till death do us part

September 12, 2006 7:59 AM  
Blogger Hothousemomma said...

kailani- you should take lessons with her.
tc- that is so sweet, great things to accomp.
Mon- I want to go to the underground tooo
She- ahh I want you to have a home close by to.

September 12, 2006 8:22 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

I like your list.

I do have a list. Mostly it has to do with the things I would like my wife and I to experience together once the kids are older, etc.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

September 12, 2006 2:48 PM  
Blogger Hothousemomma said...

I agree a lot of will most likely be down the road. It doesnt have to be though.

September 12, 2006 6:25 PM  
Blogger Brat said...

thats o good list you have. And its a good idea to have one, i might do one for my own.

September 12, 2006 9:05 PM  
Blogger nzdanboy said...

I want to have a list full stop.

Thats it, I have just started a list:

1. Start a list

September 12, 2006 10:51 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Brat sent me!

At this point, I don't have a list. I don't know if I ever did. I'm just happy to get through each day LOL

September 13, 2006 3:28 AM  

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