June 17, 2006

my three amigos

This post is a tribute to the three men in my life, my father, my husband and my son. These men influence my life in so many ways. They mean so much to me- I couldn't ever ask for more. Here is a tribute to HHhubby and my father. Happy Father's day!

The Best Man I Ever Knew

When we married, I saw you as perfect,
The ideal husband and more;
I thought I knew all about you,
All the things to love and adore.

But when you became a father,
I saw new qualities to treasure.
You enrich all our lives in fresh ways;
As a dad, you bring so much pleasure.

Our children are forever blessed
To have a father like you,
And I love you more than ever,
You're the best man I ever knew

My Dad

I want to thank you for the special way you've always made me feel.

For the time you've put into my life
to make my wounds all heal.

You will always be inside my heart, you see you've made me who I am.

Your a gentle,loving,caring man I'm proud to call my Dad.

The memories you've given me, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I guess thats why I'll always be,my Daddy's little girl



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June 18, 2006 12:20 AM  

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