June 14, 2006

officially disgusted

I usually don't post on site meter stuff. However this is gross. Someone (read:piggy) searched on google for *hot married women looking for sex* and they were directed to my blog. Foul.

On a positive note, we hired a new colorist. Judith with be here to check out the space in a few weeks. She is also a designer. This could be scary. Meaning HHhubby should be very scared of price tag. I might re-decorate the whole house. Not really.

Update: Carol the colorist called and she wants to come out Friday. What do I do? I'm leaning toward the new gal. However, I feel like Carol spent the time here already and we are almost finished with the colors. Just not sure what was going on with her. Maybe her vision is the same as mine. What if the new gal's isnt.

Yes, I'm still talking about this.


Blogger bethrat said...

It is business. You don't want to be misleading but you also want to pay for services received. Let Carol know that the time she suggested aren't good for you. Meet with the newbe and then make a decision. Filp a coin - fire the one who doesn't win. Don't feel guilty. This is a person working in your home you have everyright to mull it over but if worse comes to worse you live with the colors or you paint over it - or you could always ask HHH to buy you a new home to decorate. You'll be fine. Part of the fun is the process. I cried for hours when we first painted our house. The tan color looked like skin when it was wet. I had 15 gallons of SKIN. It turned out great - did not look like skin when it dried.

Trust your instincts, and go for it. Either person is going to do things you love and hate. There is no perfect. Remodeling is all about determining the level of imperfection you are comfortable with.

You can do it!

June 16, 2006 12:40 PM  

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