June 08, 2006

kick it up a notch

Yippee. I'm finally getting back to kick boxing. I just love it. They even have an aqua kick boxing class. Time to get my boobs back on my chest plate and my booty in place on my back. Well with the gravitonal pull this might not be entirely possible. Not that my assets were ever really as perky as they should be in the areas, that they ought to be perky in. You catch me. Lady lumps. That is all I am going to say. Hey there is always Dr. 90210. Uhm. Yeah.

So this picture of the cuteness ready for action, I look just as cute as she does when I participate in kick boxing. Really I do. Ok, I don't. I sweat like a polar bear in a turtle neck. Look ridiclous, make funny faces and act tuff and grunt. Either way, I can pretend I look cute and it makes me feel good-and at some point the results will make me look good.

I wink like she does to. It looks more like I have something in my eye, tho.

If you are thinking about getting back into shape or losing some weight. Please go visit Karen for her honesty, courage and inspiring story. We all know how she feels/or felt at one point in our lives, we may have felt the same. Cheer her on. WOOT WOOT (remember arsenio hall?) Losing weight sucks. Feeling good and looking good-so does not suck!


Blogger Karen Rani said...

"I sweat like a polar bear in a turtleneck..." ROFL! You go girl! I love KB but I always jam up my wrists and have to get the chiropractor to adjust them. Ouch! Have fun!

June 08, 2006 4:26 AM  

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