June 12, 2006

I like my wine in a box

This weekend I headed down to LA to visit an old friend. She warned me ahead of time that we would be taking a limo to lovely Temecula to taste some wine. It was a lot of fun. I met some of the girls who we'll be on the cruise in October when my friend takes the plunge into trophy wife hood. Well, not really but someone once told her that she would make a good trophy wife. That went over well.

So I ask this question, How do you know when you are wine tasting in white trash country?

1) they offer you a tasting from a box (and don't offer you a glass)

2) of course the above is less trashy if they offer you a glass, when pouring wine from a box
3) you see girls with feathered hair-who actually had their hair done for the occasion (by their cousin (judy jean)
4) high waisted jeans skirts are back in, or never went out of style

5) Daddy got all his kids at the wine tasting


Blogger bethrat said...

I forgot about the high wait jean skirt. I think I forgot a lot of things about this day.

I had a great time doing the white trash tasting with you.

And yes people were wine tasting with the baby bjorn.

June 16, 2006 12:47 PM  

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