June 20, 2006

the AX

Yeah, for Nick Lachey! Did anyone see Nick( because we're on a first name basis) in the AXE deodorant commercial. I mean it could be worse, he could have been starring in a commercial for condoms. Just the same, I thought he was cute. I'm also glad to see the guy getting some work.

Which reminds me of this time, about 5 years ago, maybe longer. Some friends and I were in Las Vegas for the weekend. It was about 2am (no sleeping in Vegas)and we were walking out of the club at the Rio, the name of the club escapes me. Minor details.

As we made our way through the casino in a bit of a haze we suddenly saw these guys running through the RIO in Fur Coats and pimpy hats. With a whole harem of girls chasing after them. I'm not sure what we thought was going on, but there was no immediate reaction to see what the excitement was about.

My friends and I were curious, but not enough to run after the group.

Then someone in passing mentioned that those men were the boy band 98 degrees.

Funny thing is, we didn't know who98 degrees was then and I guess it doesn't really matter now.

I missed my moment with Nick.


Blogger The G Family said...

He is a cutie! I watched "The Newlyweds" a few times. I was never a big fan of Jessica and her ultimate ditziness, but something about him, I always liked watching him, could be his terrible looks...Ha. I admit it, he's a babe! I will have to look for the axe commercial, is he promoting the Snake Peel? I hear that works wonders for the boys entering their 30's....Heee

June 20, 2006 8:30 AM  

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