April 28, 2006

mother may i

thursday night after dinner HHH decides he wants to stop off and look at a new car. I tell him (because at this point we each have our own cars) "why don't I take the kids and you carry on?" it will be easier. "NO NO" -let's all go.

So we all hop in my car and make our way down to the dealership. Let's mention the fact that we walked into the dealership as a family. Suddenly I looked at the kids, and think "OH NO!"
HHB was covered in sand and dirt from school. Strategically placed soy sauce marks on his shirt, from dinner. Face-what can only be described as someone getting ready for combat.

HHG was, well just plain icky. Not sure how it happened but she was. This is when I suggested that the kids and I should go sit in the car.It just wasn't right for us to be seen. For what it's worth-I was presentable, but nothing beyond that. Cute bag in tow. Wouldn't have been all that happy to see one of my x's from years ago, you know the one's that let me get away.

So picture HHH driving alone in the car with the car salesman alone. Did I mention he was alone? Carefree, no reaching in the back seat to pick up a juice box, about to make its way down to the rug. Nada nothing.

Meanwhile, HHM in car with what felt like two kittens. HHB was in the passengers seat hanging out the sunroof (oh did I mention the car was parked).HHB was climbing further and further up. Next thing I know my shoulder is a dtep stool and HHB, clearly almost out of the sunroof is wondering why no one is waving. HHG was on my lap in the drivers seat with the top half of her body hanging out the window. Just the wind in her face. This was a site.

HHH came to car. We left.


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