April 24, 2006

90210, or something like that

Forbes Magazine recently posted a story on the most expensive zip codes. It just so happens that we are about 10 miles from No.17 on the list. The lovely town of Atherton. Which most people know is the home to many athletes and a few b list movie stars. The lovely city, that we call home is ranked in the low 100's, HHH and I think that maybe some of the silicon valley big wigs, put our city into the groove, but who knows.

Since I don't wish to disclose my location- because then the residence of HHF would no longer be a secret. Here are the stats for Atherton.

2005 Median Sales Price $1,738,000
2005 Median Household Income $223,301
2005 Population 7,394
Population Change since 1990 -2%
Median Resident Age 45.8
Average Household Size 2.8
Crime Index 42
Education Index 5
Low Temperature (January) 39.6
High Temperature (July) 101.4

I must say it is a lovely area, and the parks are great.


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