April 23, 2007

The end

Time-Tested Beauty Tips
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone ...

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived,
reclaimed and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed. Never throw out anybody. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Sam Levenson

Note: this is the complete poem Audrey read to hers sons, Sean and Luca on Christmas Eve 1992. The author, Sam Levenson wrote it for his grandchild.

This is one of my favorite poems. I thought it would be right to end my time here with something I love. Something positive. I always wondered if I would know when to stop blogging. Now I know-that in fact, you will know when the time is right.It has been so much fun sharing all the good and bad in life. Sharing comments and laughs with many of you. It's time for me to focus on my family and business. Simply stated.
Good luck to all of you.


Blogger Kailani said...

I'm so sad to see you go but I know you're doing the right thing. It's great that you know when to say stop. Good luck in your endeavors!

An Island Life

April 24, 2007 12:15 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

ooohhh...I am sad....but well done, a lovely ending.

April 24, 2007 7:40 PM  
Blogger The G Family said...

I sure am gonna miss HHm but hopefully I will catch your wonderful sense of humor over at "The Chronicles"
It's been a pleasure reading here though!!

April 25, 2007 8:58 AM  
Blogger Mon said...

Well, best of luck! I'll miss visiting you!!

April 26, 2007 9:57 AM  
Anonymous Naeva - Mom of 2 said...

Oh, you stop?

But I've just got to know you...

You know when to stop...who knows...you know when to restart.


May 01, 2007 2:33 AM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

I think that is absolutely adorable. This is the first time I've ever been to your site and I am definitely coming back I just adore your site

May 18, 2007 8:17 AM  
Anonymous dana said...

I really miss you! I can't believe it's been two months already!

I hope all is well!

June 19, 2007 1:39 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Seriously, some feeds of your blog popped up in my bloglines and I though for sure you came back to blogging!

August 04, 2008 8:11 PM  

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