March 10, 2006

you made bleed from your eyes

So it seems like without a doubt you see this commerical late night for sleepy time pills. The great thing is, there are hardly any side effects. -wink wink- Compared to someone taking.....a lethal injection.

This excerpt is from the website:

Lunesta should only be taken immediately before bedtime. (would one consider taking it in the middle of the day, even though you want to sleep at night?)
Be sure you have at least eight hours to devote to sleep before becoming active.( i wish I had time for 8 hours of sleep)

You should not engage in any activity after taking Lunesta that requires complete alertness, such as driving a car or operating machinery.
You should use extreme care when engaging in these activities the morning after taking Lunesta. (sorry boss cant use the copier- on Lunesta)
Do not use alcohol while taking any sleep medicine.
Most sleep medicines carry some risk of dependency.
Do not use sleep medicines for extended periods without first talking to your doctor.
Side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, drowsiness and dizziness. For more information, please see important product information (below)

Changes In Behavior And Thinking (maybe will help become wise grasshopper)
Some people using sleep medicines have experienced unusual changes in their thinking and/or behavior.
These effects are not common. However, they have included:
More outgoing or aggressive behavior than normal
Confusion (which way did he go)
Strange behavior
Hallucinations ( wow, man.... pass the weed)
Worsening of depression
Suicidal thoughts

ahhh.... all this going on and at least I can take Lunesta and get a good night sleep. So I will have time be sucidal and search for my taste buds.


Blogger auntjeri said...

I don't know who would persue any of these medications once they listen to the whole commercial....gee, I'll probably feel postal tomorrow but I will get 8 hrs. sleep.....

March 10, 2006 12:04 PM  
Blogger kyrie said...

haha, that is funny. "Why yes doctor, I would love to take this sleeping medication and think about killing myself tomorrow... sounds like a fun night!"

March 11, 2006 10:26 AM  

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