March 08, 2006

nancy mcphee

no rebecca. It's katharine mcphee. Not nancy. I couldn't get the name "nancy" out of my head the entire time
was singing on AI. Yep, I admit it-Tuesday nights I watch. Not every Tuesday, but often. In between my son riding his bike in circles around the living room, trying to compete in the Daytona 500. As he screams when he pass by the TV. Like it is time for a pit stop. I never knew the TV volume could hit such limits.
Right now my pick is Katherine. Today. I also enjoyed the
saucy minx
The pickler.She never gets teased. Which when Simon mentioned that he thought the pickler was a minx, reminded me of the movie
love actually
Did you see this movie? Great movie. I am a Hugh Grant fan. Many laughs on this movie. Anyway, back to AI. Was Seacrest standing in a ditch? Wasn't he a radio host on a bay area station. I am dating myself I know. No more "Seacrest Out." How can you not be happy about that.
I am curious if Paula, is sneaking some of that "special stuff." I would like to see ms. abdul get up and walk toward the stage, exactly like the gal from sixteen candles as she sashayed down the aisle of her wedding day. I am cruel.


Blogger auntjeri said...

I watched last night and the whole minx exchange was pretty funny and the minx is pretty funny herself in that dumb blond sort of way. I gotta say...Madisa pretty much rocked the chaka kahn...I can't believe I am watching this....Hugh Grant is almost always watchable...loved Nottinghill....was that the title....xoxox

March 08, 2006 7:41 PM  

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