March 17, 2006

smoking in the boys room

I'm thunderstruck. Today-the kids and I are cruising through a drive through. Yep. Desperate measures call for desperate actions. There was pure debauchery occurring in the back seat, because my oldest was hu-ngry. HUNGRY MOMMY! Anyway, even though I never started out as one of those moms that said "I would never feed my children fast food." Sometimes I still hate the idea of feeding them the meat like stuff.

Back to the real issue.

So there is a white suv of some sort about three cars ahead of us.

Mind you under my breath I have made up my mind that all these people are just lazy because they are in their cars alone. They can't even walk inside. Of course, I am guilty of doing this a time of two. Doesn't matter. At this moment there are way to many cars in line-and Cole is acting and sounding like a zoo act. Back to my self pity. They don't have two kids to tote in and keep happy. Trying to keep lil hot house bebe happy. Which is usually easy. Again so not the point. Then hot house boundless enery from hanging upside down on the poles-which are meant to keep people in line. By the way, are the metal bars necessary?

Anyway so there is this white suv and the women is getting ready to order. I notice that she is out of the car. So I am thinking:
maybe she just had her car washed and doesn't want to mess up the window
or her window won't roll down.
Then Cole notices "mommy, what are they doing?" "they aren't suppose to be outside their car."
Well she was outside the car and her kids were hanging(and yes I mean hanging out the window) Just like someone throwing Mardi Gras beads from a window on Bourbon street. Minus the beads and oh yeah Bourbon street.
You ask why was she oustide her car? She was SMOKING!!! A car full of kids and she was smoking. I was disgusted. I mean I guess her effort to step outside of the car, was just that, but naturally she got back in once she ordered. With her smoke. This is not okay.
Now, I am not getting on the band wagon about people smoking. Civil rights and all that. Just that her kids have no choice in the matter.

Apparently feeling self righteous and maybe in need of a green beer!


Blogger auntjeri said...

Okay, the deal is....IF you are going to have quit!!! End of discussion.

March 18, 2006 11:09 AM  
Blogger Dolores said...

Yes, when I see people smoking with their kids.....I am totally p.o.'ed.

March 19, 2006 9:00 AM  

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