March 15, 2006

lips like sugar

Yep, this morning I am putting on some lipstick and wondered if the "shape" of our lipstick tells us anything about oneself.(weirdly enough, I was really wondering)
I can think back to many of times I borrowed a girlfriend's lipstick. Before putting it to my lips, curiously looking at the odd shape. Like a kitten smelling a mouse full of cat nip.
Let me tell you, there were some weird shapes out there. I guess when you are wearing .99 cent lipstick, you can't expect the lipstick to maintain that beautiful shape. My favorite lipstick(Jr. High) was the one no girl can go with out... Wet N Wild # 528.
Thank you Miss. V for the introduction.

So what does your lipstick say about your personality, pick below:
don't worry it's not a total analysis of who you are.

*If your lipstick wears flat, you are apparently a relaxed, sporty person who loves the outdoors.
*If it is rounded, you are gentle and romantic.
*If it is an angular, slanted edge, you are articulate and well-balanced.
*If it has a whistle shape, you are outgoing, and dominating.

mine is like this Not in that gawd awful coral color. Sorry if you still wear that shade. It is 2000. I know. I know. You are going to say " but hot house momma you wore that color." Yes. GUILTY. I wore this color in the 80's, but it was the 80's and I was *really* tan (which makes it ok) and well for pete sake's leg warmers were in. Enough said.


Blogger Dolores said...

wow, mine used to be angular...but now it is whistle shaped.

March 15, 2006 7:59 PM  
Blogger BKR said...

mine are either whistle shaped or angular. HMMMMM - who who'd of thunk it - dominating - me . . . .

March 21, 2006 9:17 AM  

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