August 04, 2006

Give me a, H

nichol & her beautiful family. are they a great looking family or what?

Please go over and give my best bud some love. If you have been reading here you know all about this and this.
And how her diagnoses has changed my life and the stength of our friendship. We have been friends since Junior High and now it's my turn to stand by her side and give her all I've got.

This women is everything you could every ask for in a friend, mother, wife, and sister. She is honest, fun-loving, caring, dependable, beautiful and the list goes on. Most of all I admire her strength and courage as she fights this battle with Breast Cancer.

Never once have I heard her complain about anything related to having cancer. She has managed to stay strong and positive. Even when she has her lows. She muddles through those days with the help of a mocha frapp( yum, something about a fancy coffee -or a pedicure, that makes issues seem clear) and her positive mind frame. She is a role model.

In October, in her honor, I am volunteering for Living Proof Prevention. The benefit Groovin In the Vines will take place at Tesla Vinters in Livermore,CA. I can't wait to be part of this worthy cause. I have never volunteered for anything of this stature and it feels rewarding already.

Right now I'm working on donations for both a raffle and silent auction. It has been a lot of fun. Approaching people to donate for such a worthy cause. I'm also amazed by the generosity of folks. For such an important cause. My cause is my friend, Nichol and her battle. I really want to make it all better. With just a flick of the magic wand*POOF*gone. I know this isn't possible. So right now I 'm doing all I know how to do in hopes that she will live the long healthy life that she deserves.

If you are a reader and you own a business or would like to donate an item or service to this cause, please email me. As I mentioned above the event is in October and I want to give this my all. Won't you stand behind me. The proceeds will go to funding the LPP and Breast Cancer Research!

So please go on over and give Nichol a cheer, she finally got some good news! Woot!


Blogger The G Family said...

Thanks for the shout girlie! You know I love you and everything you have done for me through the years. Thank you so much. We will be grannies someday rockin on our porches, talkin about old times, gossiping, and most importantly, talkin about back in the day when I beat cancer. Thank you so much for your support, it really means the world to me.

August 03, 2006 10:08 PM  

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