August 01, 2006


Over the weekend we were guests at our friends wedding in Sausalito. The wedding site was the Alta Mira Hotel which means high view in Spanish. The hotel was originally built in the 1880s and although it's no longer a full service hotel, they still host weddings. This venue is full of old world charm and natural character. The ceremony area had walls and stairs naturally blanketed in delicate bright flowers. The weather was perfect and the view was dually breath taking and picturesque.

The hotel itself boasted beautiful views, of San Francisco, Tiburon, Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. When you see a view like this, you are immediately reminded of how beautiful and capacious, San Francisco can be.

A distant photo of the view from the terrace where we dined.

The bride and groom were glowing and there faces were always dressed with a smile. Scott and Liz read letters to one another during their ceremony professing all the moments that make them perfect for one another. As I looked around there was a glimmer of hope and love in everyone's eyes. We all had a little something in our eyes. *tears*

It moments like weddings that remind us all how fortunate we are to have the relationships we do, with our family, friends and our spouses. I know everytime I attend a wedding with HHhubby it brings me back to our special day. A special day that reminds me of all the reasons I feel in love with him in the first place.

After the formalities we carried on to the bar. We ate, we drank, we danced and we danced more. It was such a good time. You never want nights like this to end.

So it does. Probably a good thing, we try to act like we are young singletons. This usually doesnt work out so well for us the next day when we have kids looking for breakfast and clothes to wear.

A group of us piled into my car. Our friend A who is expecting her first child in October was our trusted driver. Hopefully she wasn't bellying up to the bar. There were 6 of us in the car. It wasn't until the moment we all piled into the car did I realize just how much we had all been imbibing. A glass of champagne here another cherrful toast here and viola you have the perfect mix of drunk people.

We pile in and drive off. Vroom.

Why does one of the men always have to break wind. Then the whole car smells like a small animal died and crawled up into my glove box. Gross.

The plan was to drop of our friends on the way back to our house. They happen to be moving to Georgia for two years. There flight was scheduled to leave Monday morning at 7am. At the beggning of the night they had both mentioned they were going to take it easy on the beverages because they had packing to do. We don't always do what we say we are going to do. Mrs. E was not feeling so well. She looked like this.

Quite frankly HHmomma wasn't ready to run a marathon herself. I just held on tight and drank my water and kept one foot down as an anchor. We payed our toll and headed over the Golden Gate. Next thing I hear. HHHubby is saying *you just puked* E slowly responds but with authority *no I didn't" HHHubby retorts *you did* and so it went.

My car was christened and not with holy water. I lovingly offered to give her my purse to vomit in. Somehow this wasn't acceptable.

They came by the next day with an apologetic bottle of wine. Which was not necessary. I got more of a kick out of the fact that a good time was had by all-that the sicky thing didnt matter. The car was parked and I hadnt even ventured downstairs to look. This could have been because I wasnt really worried or because I was really not feeling well enough to walk downstairs.

The best part was this morning when HHkids and I went to the car wash to clean up the car (which was dirty from the kids anyway) and I found one solo lonely high heel shoe under the seat.

I guess E never even noticed that she went home with one shoe! My kind of girl!

I am still laughing about the solo shoe. I love our friends.


Blogger Dana said...

The wedding sounds beautiful...especially when you said the hotel area had perfect views of San Fran and surrounding areas! I'm so eager to vacation there. Someday soon!

August 01, 2006 7:53 PM  
Blogger bethrat said...

I love it - Tell E I am proud of her.

August 03, 2006 11:52 AM  

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