February 06, 2006

the chip bowl runneth over

The "Super" what? Yes, the most testosterone driven sports event of the year. Next to nude hot oil super-slammerkin bachelor party wrestling. Is dare I say it, "over." My hubby(god love him) had the brilliant idea to host a party at our casa. Seemed like a good idea leading up to the party,(if you don't take into account the fact that he was gone sking for two days ) After a tasty beverage, the party seemed like an even better idea. I love you, man.
It didn't seem like that great of an idea, after.

In defense of my husband and his friends, for having approximately 30 people over, mostly sloppy men, the after mass was not bad. Of course, this is if you're comparing it to Hiroshima.
What I can't figure out is, why is it that when you are at someone else's house, no one can find the garbage can. Is it like a scavenger hunt? Alright, you silly who has the garbage can? Is it in the bathroom? Ohh... you're getting warmer. Manners do not apply. Drink cups in the bathroom. Who drinks while they are doing their business?
Now we know I would never just abandon a drink at a party. At least not an empty one.

Questionable events after the game.
The fact that these events occurred after the game should help you to understand, one's state of mind. I know it doesn't help me. I tried, too.

let's see who can eat 20 meatballs for $46.00? (why not make it an even $50?)
who will dunk their head in the ice chest first?
why was my three year old son "second" to dunk his head?
Is there a correlation with the age here?
Why will men eat things for money? I mean have you ever really, really taken a good look at a piece of bacon that has been sitting on a table for 4-6 hours. A meatball for that matter. Not appealing.
Men love meat- meat.. more meat,please

after all is said and done, I was sad to see them go. but you know.....
Closing time
One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer
Closing time
You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!


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