April 03, 2006

art of conversation

I keep hearing all this chit chat about myspace, instant messenger, cell phone-text messaging, blue tooth capabilities, blogs (gaspppp-they whisper and point-behind HHM back)
Don't get me wrong- I admit it I too am sucked in.(I can see the shock in your face, as if you didn't know about my little problem) I think it's time you also admit, since you are here- you kemosabes have a problem.

Digress, drift- anyway all the tech talk got me to thinking (I had to blow the dust off my brain) about all this technology. Most of us, let's face it, we just don't talk to each other. We instant message on the computer- email. We certainly aren't writing letters to one another. Look at me hiding behind my computer (peek a boo) and communicating to my peeps through this blog. On a positive note, I have to say there is much more communication with friends and family through these advancements in technology, but are we resorting to these forms for all of our communication?
It makes one consider - what will happen to the art of conversation with the coming generations. How much time do you spend on the computer? Is the 's" worn off?

When they(being the generation after us x's) grow up and have real jobs-careers, what have you. Will they speak-type to their boss - b/c , g2g, brb, yt?
Are you already lost?
Back in my teenage days- I had my own phone line in my room because I was on the phone so much. Talking about nothing and more about nothing. Come to think about it- I still do this.
We pissed our parents off by tying up the phone line for hours at a time. They had no option but to get us our own phone lines. My friends would even resort to making an "emergency breakthrough" to get me off the phone to talk.

I remember my parents would put me on phone restriction and physically take the phone from me. Then Monday would come and off to school I would go and one of my friends would give me their back up phone. Remember these-the ones that had no cradle -you just hang the receiver right on any flat service. So strange and funny.
I thought I was sly-not.

So for now I will keep on typing, but let's hope by the time our lovely children grow up, they still want to communicate through writing and face to face.

Don't get me wrong the blogging is fun , but I hope my kids aren't reading this in a few years! To find out if HHM & HHH moved out of the house. Or if they are being sent off to boarding school.


Blogger kyrie said...

hahaha, you know what is funny? My friend has messenger at work, and his boss (who mind you, works about ten feet away) will IM him through out the time that the has at work for him to do something. hahaha. weird.

April 02, 2006 11:31 PM  
Blogger auntjeri said...

I will always favor the art of face to face conversation and I doubt you need worry when the familia get together...we shall keep our kiddles engaged and conversant...I mean look at the college kid...she can talk a blue streak....with or without "scandals"

April 03, 2006 10:17 AM  

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