March 30, 2006

princess bride

hey ya'll send some love to my girlfriend over here. She is getting married in September. Godbless her- she has relinquished me from being a bridesmaid. The wedding party will be family only.

Read: will not have to wear ugly dress and try to feel pretty with poofy hair. So no "evening dress" for me. Even though I am sure she is dying to dress me up-since she had to wear the "brown" dress at my wedding. She will be the most beautiful bride -ever. Hopefully JB won't toss her in the ocean -after the kiss!

I found this on a wedding web site. Real comforting-
Hey if you are feeling any of these emotions below, call for some counseling.

By the way the last nine were totally me, prior to my wedding day.

cold feet and fears of commitment - put on some socks

conflict with family members - You know- aunt Betty really thinks you'll look good in a petticoat

meddling mothers and mothers-in-law-to-be - enough said

confusion about identity (Who me? A wife?) Trophy wife

resurfacing feelings about the death of a parent or parents' divorce uhmm

wedding stress, dreams and nightmares -I hope my hair turns out okay

sadness about leaving single life- all those nights wishing he would call, no more..

longings for old boyfriends- specially the ones that drive tractors

fantasies about other men -dare to dream


Blogger bethrat said...

Thanks for the love. I thought for certain you woulda titled it mafia marriage or something. My biggest wedding fear is not getting the jewelry off of JB. The "Vinny will break your knee caps" necklace has got to go! Feeling of uncertainity, fear of commitment and eternity will all be gone as soon as the necklace finds a permanent resting spot in my jewelry box!

March 30, 2006 1:51 PM  

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