April 12, 2006


This weekend, I will be crossing a destination off my ever important and growing list of things to do. All the while, we will help celebrate a milestone. A friend of HHH is turning 30 (yep 30) and she is having a party at this swanky place.

I get to go.(me doing a jete) I was the chosen guest.

The beat

This restaurant opened in 1999. It has been on my ever growing list, but finally I shall seek and see. FC has garnered local, national and international acclaim as a quintessentially San Francisco dining experience. They offer a daily changing California/Mediterranean-inspired menu. Which I like, I like. The setting is said to be industrial and chic located in the midst of the bustling Mission district. This mission has become very popular and cool, the area is a bit eclectic. One of my favorite bars in also in this area.
This place was so fun. I hear it has gone a little south. I love the concept.

Back to the place. They play foreign and independent films in their covered outdoor courtyard. They have fireside seats as well as upstairs seating in a semi-private mezzanine overlooking the dining room.(maybe this will be us) Some how I doubt that we'll be watching one of these films. I really would like to,though.

They also include -Modernism West, an art gallery in collaboration with Martin Mueller and Modernism Inc. (not sure who this is) They note that it's open to the public most nights! (meaning us)

Then they come in with this! Rotating DJ's complete the evening in an adjacent bar, Laszlo.
Will report more later!


Blogger Dolores said...

Their menu sounds yummy; their brunch looks good, too!! Do you know if you will be in the Mezzanine? That room looks cool!

April 12, 2006 11:17 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

wanna go...wanna go!!!!

April 12, 2006 6:48 PM  

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